Market Segments

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For decades, VanRiet has been improving the material handling systems of its customers. In the area of automated transport, sorting solutions or both. Over the years VanRiet has built a proven track record in many core market segments in which products need to run effortlessly through the logistic steps of their process. Big or small, heavy or light-weight, in large or small quantities.


Courier Express Parcel

As a service provider in the Courier Express Parcel (CEP) market, your main concern is fast and accurate shipment, sorting and delivery of all kinds of parcels. You are looking for an expert in transport and sorting solutions within the CEP market. Who is taking care of your intralogistic solution? And are they aware of your challenging environment? VanRiet has proven to be a true partner, accommodating your need for flexible, scalable and modularly extendable parcel handling solutions.

Tire Industry

Whether you are looking for an intralogistic solution for vulnerable green tires or cured tires, looking for tire handling within your testing or palletizing area, or in need of buffering solutions. We are eager to help you increase your competitive edge in tire handling.


Today the end-consumer determines what they want, when they want it and where they want it. The bar for warehousing standards is being raised daily. Your organization and logistic process is suddenly facing issues as drop shipment, for-hour delivery and postponed cut-off times. We have helped multiple e-commerce businesses find scalable and sustainable solutions for their logistic processes.


For a company that performs logistic activities such as storage, sorting, order picking and shipments for others, it is imperative that a material handling system offers the maximum in both performance and reliability. Your logistic system must be able to adapt quickly to new customers, making flexibility and scaling important characteristics.


Being a manufacturer of kitchens or furniture you aim for a regulated flow of goods, consolidating a customer order at the end of the line right before shipping. Cost control is of high importance within the intralogistics in your industry. The products are voluminous and heavy, they must remain damage free, and end-of-line completeness of the customers’ order is key. Our solutions in kitchen & furniture handling live up to your challenges.


As a supplier of tools or (spare) parts, you aim to be a strategic partner for your customer. Product availability combined with accurate and on-time delivery are key for those customers waiting for their spare part or tool in order to continue their operation. You are in need of an intralogistic solution that supports your aim to offer the most reliable service possible.


Flowers and the Netherlands are inseparable. VanRiet has been a proud supplier of internal transport and sorting solutions for the flower industry since the early beginning of the company. Whether plastic totes are filled with water and sunflowers or empty, through zonepicking and packaging areas, your flowers are sound and safe in our hands.


In the fashion industry today, there are more changes than there are seasons. Material handling in this branch simply means maximum flexibility. Nowadays, deliveries are not just made to hundreds of stores, but direct sales have become an important distribution channel. Logistics must service both parties at the same time. Return shipments must be processed properly, doing so provides you with a competitive edge.