Avedon Capital Partners has acquired a majority interest in VanRiet Material Handling Systems

06 May Avedon Capital Partners has acquired a majority interest in VanRiet Material Handling Systems

Avedon Capital Partners supports further international growth VanRiet Material Handling Systems

Private equity fund Avedon Capital Partners has acquired a majority interest in VanRiet Material Handling Systems. The new shareholder will provide expertise and capital enabling continuance of the steep growth that VanRiet is experiencing. With the capital injection VanRiet can expand its facilities in the Netherlands and China, increase its investments in R&D and personnel and further grown its global markets.

About VanRiet Material Handling Systems

VanRiet, based in Houten (NL) is active in the market for automated transport solutions and service worldwide and focuses in particular on: ‘parcel & express’ companies , tire manufacturers,

‘warehouse & distribution’ companies, particularly in the e-commerce segment, shoes, flowers and kitchens. These markets show high growth, fueled by the growth in online ordering and factory automation markets. VanRiet’s automated sorting systems solutions give clients a strong competitive advantage.

VanRiet supports its customers by constantly improve their competitiveness through superior automated transport solutions. VanRiet offers tailor-made solutions and components in its European home market and works globally for its core clients. Through the partner network VanRiet serves its

markets with unique components such as the Shoe Sorter.

Rik van den Boog (CEO VanRiet): “With Avedon, we have a shareholder who not only brings in funds for further growth, but also the expertise and help, to achieve the envisaged growth in the right way.”

About Avedon Capital Partners

Avedon is an independent investment company with offices in Amsterdam and Düsseldorf. Avedon focuses on providing growth capital to mid-sized companies with a leading position in its sector coupled with a strong, passionate and committed management team. The fund provides capital and support in the realization and expansion of the (international) growth potential of companies through for example roll out of locations, ‘buy-and-build’ plans or geographic expansion strategies.


Michel Verhoog (Avedon): “We are delighted with the investment in VanRiet. Thanks to its software and engineering skills and investments of system developments VanRiet can offer its customers unique customized solutions. We look forward to a continued fruitful cooperation with the management in realizing the ambitious growth objectives of the company.”


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