VanRiet in the Manufacturing top 100 of 2017

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VanRiet in the Manufacturing top 100 of 2017

For the fifth year in a row, Management Team presents the top 100 of the manufacturing industry. VanRiet won this year for the first time a spot in the list of the 100 best manufacturing companies in the Netherlands.

Dutch corporations are world players in niche markets. The companies in the Manufacturing Industry top 100 are often less known than the big concerns but together they are the backbone of Dutch industry. The list consists of the 100 most successful manufacturing companies in the Netherlands with a revenue up to 500 million Euro.

The list of “hidden champions” has been presented for the fifth time, on behalf of Management Team, by MBCF Corporate Finance. The total revenue of the manufacturing companies was 13 billion euros, 1 billion more than the list of 2016. VanRiet won the 47th place.
See the full list here.