Privacy statement freelancers, subcontractors and temporary staff

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Privacy statement freelancers, subcontractors and temporary staff


Van Riet Material Handling Systems B.V. and other members of the VanRiet Group (hereinafter: ‘VanRiet’) respect the privacy of freelancers, subcontractors and temporary staff. This statement is intended to inform you about VanRiet’s policies and practices regarding personal data that is obtained from and/or about freelancers, staff of subcontractors and temporary staff.


Who is responsible for your personal data?

VanRiet respects privacy and ensures that any personal information it receives will be protected and treated confidentially. VanRiet will continue to strive to process personal data in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). You can find the contact information of VanRiet at the bottom of this privacy statement.


A. Collecting and using personal data when hiring a freelancer

If you are a freelancer who (potentially) will carry out work for VanRiet, your personal data is necessary for the conclusion and execution of the agreement. VanRiet needs your personal data to be able to let you know which specifications or wishes the work has to meet, to provide a contract, to pay your invoices and to communicate with you in a smooth and efficient manner about aspects of the assignment.
If applicable and with your permission, VanRiet will provide your personal details to the client for whom you will carry out the assignment. This way the client knows that you carry out work on VanRiet’s behalf.
You are not obliged to provide VanRiet with your personal data. However, if you provide VanRiet with no or insufficient personal data, VanRiet might not be able to perform the previously mentioned activities.
VanRiet will ask you to show a valid and original identity document before the start of the work. On the basis of these documents VanRiet will verify your identity.


B. Collecting and using personal data of subcontractors and temporary staff

If you will carry out work for VanRiet on behalf of VanRiet’s subcontractor or the party from whom VanRiet has hired you, VanRiet will record a number of your personal data.
In some cases the processing of your personal data is legally required. In other cases VanRiet has legitimate interests in this. By knowing who will work for VanRiet, VanRiet can limit its liability risk towards government agencies such as the tax authorities and avoid penalties on the basis of the Foreign Nationals Employment Act. These records must include the identity of the workers that VanRiet has deployed. For foreign workers VanRiet should also be able to prove that the workers are allowed to work in the specific country (in the case of cross-border work).
For previously mentioned reasons, you are obliged to provide personal data to VanRiet. If you do not wish to provide personal data, you may not carry out work for VanRiet and VanRiet will not allow you access to the place of the work.
VanRiet will receive some of your personal data from your employer. Your employer is legally obliged to provide VanRiet with this information. The type of personal data VanRiet receives depends on your nationality and on the country in which you will perform work for VanRiet.

VanRiet will ask you to show a valid and original identity document before the start of the work, from which VanRiet will transfer some personal details.

VanRiet wants to check whether you are allowed to perform work during the period of time in the specific country. Therefore, VanRiet will ask you to share personal documents, depending on the laws of the specific country. VanRiet will make a copy of these documents for VanRiet’s records. VanRiet makes these copies to be able to prove to government agencies at a later stage that VanRiet only has employed people with the right documents and to be able to defend VanRiet against any possible charges and fines.


How long does VanRiet keep the data?

VanRiet will not store your personal information for longer than is strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which your data is collected, unless the data must be retained longer for the purposes of compliance with applicable law. If VanRiet wishes, VanRiet will ask your permission to keep your data for a longer period.


Share with third parties

It is possible that VanRiet will have to allow inspection of VanRiet’s records to prove that VanRiet complies with the legislation. If a government agency requires VanRiet to share specific information with them, VanRiet is obliged to provide your personal details.


What are your rights?

When you provide VanRiet with your information, you agree that VanRiet processes your personal data for the purposes described above. You have the right to view, correct or delete your personal information. You can send a request for inspection, correction or removal by email to VanRiet will as soon as possible but within four weeks respond to your request by email. Please note, removal of your personal data is not possible when it concerns processing that is necessary to carry out a legal obligation.


Security of your personal data

VanRiet takes the protection of your data seriously and takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorized access, disclosure and unwanted modification. If you have the impression that your data is not properly protected or there are indications of misuse, please contact VanRiet via



VanRiet may amend this Privacy Policy. If VanRiet does amend this Privacy Policy, the “Effective Date” at the bottom of this Privacy Policy will be updated. VanRiet encourages you to review this Privacy Policy often, in any event before you provide personal data to VanRiet.



If you have questions regarding the Privacy Policy, please contact VanRiet at, or send mail to:



Marketing & Communications

Kaagschip 8

3991 CS Houten

The Netherlands


Effective Date: 20 Sept 2018