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Maximum availability through professional service


Enduring partner in service


At VanRiet, service is an integral part of an intralogistic solution. It is a crucial activity that must ensure that your operational processes are in good order, all the time. Therefore, service can never be an additional service. Our service organization is built around the concept of maximum unburdening of our customer.Service and inspections

Our periodical safety inspection is a general check-up of your intralogistic system with the purpose to avoid surprises. Our specially trained service engineers meticulously check your system on all possible risks without causing hindrance to your operational processes.

A smaller-scale check is the so-called Profibus check. Material handling systems are subject to change. Often, this has a negative effect on your Profibus system. We make sure your data communication remains in top condition.





Our service engineers are constantly trained and work with modern techniques and equipment, such as tablet computers with which they have a direct connection to our main office. Of course, you will receive clear reports, so you are always informed on the condition of your logistic system. After all, everything revolves around maximum availability of your system. Preventive and corrective maintenance are usually arranged tailor-made in maintenance contracts, meaning the work can be done whenever it is convenient to you.