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Service and maintenance


Without high quality service, your installation cannot perform optimally.Boormachine

VanRiet sees service as an integral part of an intralogistic solution and a crucial activity that ensures your operational processes are not hindered. Our service organization is built around the concept of maximum unburdening of our customer.

A 100% uptime of your installation is realized by following our four guidelines.


1. Preventive

van riet Preventive maintenance. Our experienced service engineers inspect the mechanics, electrics and/or software of your system.

van riet Planning. Our contract manager timely plans maintenance service.

van riet Excellent stock management of spare parts, so every maintenance service can be executed completely. Everything right the first time.


2. Corrective

van riet In case of emergencies, you can reach our hotline 24/7. We respond quickly, as we want to keep your uptime at a maximum.

van riet Guaranteed response times.

van riet An online remote provision provides you with real-time access to information and/or contact options.

van riet Where needed, we cooperate with service partners so we will be onsite quickly. Wherever in the world.


3. Tailor-made work

Service is not off the rack, but tailor-made, and a deal is a deal. Well in advance of the installation, we discuss your demands and the result is a service contract that feels like a relief, not a burden. Our goal: you manage your operation and we ensure your system supports you in a cost-efficient way.


4. Continuity for your logistic solution

van riet Your logistic challenges are our point of reference: our service engineers are continually trained so we can face new challenges together.

van riet VanRiet develops all software itself, so you can expect a perfectly functioning installation.

van riet We invest in the most advanced equipment for inspections and repairs, so the job is done quickly and effective.

van riet Clear reports provide you with the desired insights.

van riet Continuous development: we constantly research the possibilities to further improve our service.