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Picking customer orders, first time right

Order picking is the process of collecting products from a specific storage location based on customer orders. In general, the order picking process is the most labor intensive of all processes in a warehouse and is, in fact, the most important production factor of a warehouse.

The way in which goods are collected is dependent of the type of product and the product characteristics, the amount of article numbers, the number of locations, the structure of the assortment and the rotation rate.

VanRiet optimizes your order picking process and delivers reliable turn-key solutions at an acceptable investment. If desired, the systems can be integrated into your IT environment. VanRiet delivers, amongst others, the following order picking systems:

van riet Pick by light

van riet Auto picking

van riet Put-to-Scan

van riet Put-to-bin

van riet Automated storage and retrieval system (AS/ RS)

van riet Zone picking

Besides order picking, a number of other functions must be deployed to optimize the performance of a warehouse, such as packaging, customs, storage of incoming goods and replenishment, labeling, invoicing, and adding materials, security and exit inspection. VanRiet can make a full analysis to optimize your warehouse activities.


Benefits of order picking systems:

van riet increased productivity

van riet better use of warehouse space

van riet improved accuracy of order picking process

van riet speed

van riet better customer service