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The VANRIET Standard 4.0


A Unique Project Approach


The VanRiet Standard 4.0 is our internally developed project approach. A solid, classic project-approach, which may not seem to differ much from other companies. Normally every phase takes quite some time. After all, it takes time to design, calculate the costs of materials, research whether all system goals are achieved, and work out how many hours of work are needed, and so on. This can be a time-consuming process, as information needs to be gathered constantly to calculate the next step.


At VanRiet, we have sped up this process tremendously. VanRiet developed the VanRiet Standard 4.0, a 3D visualization and development environment which enables us to simultaneously design and calculate your projects, in much less time than a conventional approach.

The software can design a complete material-handling system with the entered components and parameters. For instance, it calculates all hardware components required to construct the project. This speeds up the cost calculation. During the tender phase, the project can be simulated in 3D. After order granting, in the project engineering phase, we take it one step further still and, through emulation, visualize and test the system and the entire operation at PLC level.


After installation, the user will be able to monitor his complete material handling system on his own computer through 3D real-time visualizations. This does not only look good, but it also provides the best insights.