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Creating the best industry solutions together

Since 1948 VanRiet is committed to increasing the competitive advantage of our customers through the design, integration, installation and maintenance of the best automated transport and sorting solutions in the industry. Over 2,000 projects have been realized, from Mexico to Shanghai, from Prague to Istanbul and from Los Angeles to Amsterdam. Both turn-key projects and special projects within a complete system.


Our customers operate in rapidly changing business environments, so we are driven by constant change too. The sort of change that people remember, that makes things better for them. Every day we strive to design the best material-handling solutions for our customers’ challenges. We are constantly raising the bar, teaming up with our customers and beating technical boundaries within the world of automated transport and sorting solutions. Together we design creative, inspiring solutions with high performance levels.

Sure, we have high-quality products. But our biggest differentiator lies in our company culture. Summarized in four core values, it represents our compass. It describes who we want to be and what we stand for, enabling us to make a difference, every day.


Working together to create the best solutions in the industry


Improve, because we can always do better still, because we must do better still


Doing things differently


Together, honest, open and clear communication, living up to promises made



Global spread

We are a medium-sized company with highly educated employees. Our size enables us to be flexible towards our customers. The main office and knowledge centre with accompanying assembly hall are located in Houten, the Netherlands. Besides the worldwide partner network, VanRiet has its own branch office in Poland and a production unit and assembly hall in China.


Industry experts

We have gathered an exceptional amount of knowledge of what goes on in various corporate branches. Although matters such as uptime, performance and output are important in every branch, specific knowledge can often make the difference between a good intralogistic system and an excellent one. On the ‘market segments’ page you can find the branches for which we have implemented fitting solutions time and time again.