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Innovations and involvement for optimal intralogistics


VanRiet develops logistic solutions based on its:

1. Respect

2. Integrity

3. Professionalism

4. Sustainability

5. Quality

6. Innovation

These six core values form the foundation for all our activities. We continuously seek for opportunities to further improve our hardware and software, to make sure your internal logistics run like clockwork. Thereby, we prefer to work on a partnership basis. You can rely on us and what we agree on, we fulfill, without any fine print.


The quality of our activities is ingrained in all our processes and has won us many certificates, such as ISO 9001 and very soon also ISO 14001. VanRiet uses the most advanced equipment so assembly runs smoothly. Moreover, we constantly train our service engineers so we can face challenges together. Because of these foundations, you can rely upon a high quality installation that does its job time and time again.


Innovation is never isolated. It should lead to a combination of the following elements:

van riet Decreased operational costs / decreased Total Cost of ownership

van riet Increased output

van riet Decreased energy consumption and increased recycling options of the systems

van riet Ease of use (ergonomics)


Improving your operational processes is only partly realized through our system solutions. At least as important is the deployment of a Warehouse Control System (WCS) that offers you the necessary management functions, making sure you have complete control over what happens in your warehouse at all times. VanRiet develops all software in-house, so all communications with hardware runs smoothly. We extensively test the WCS before installation, but also on PLC level we thoroughly check everything.


After installation, you will continuously have insight into the operations of your system. Any failures are visible real-time, so intervention is quickly possible. We have developed this management function to come closer to our goal of 100% system availability.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

And that’s not all. VanRiet has set itself the goal to let economic performance go hand in hand with sustainable entrepreneurship. We do so by, among others:

van riet Developing systems that are energy-efficient and thereby cost-effective to you;

van riet Continuously searching for alternative technologies;

van riet Complying with the strict environmental regulation in the countries we operate in;

van riet Advising the customer with regard to decreased energy consumption in their operational, intralogistic activities;

van riet Minimizing our carbon footprint with regard to energy use, transport and waste.

Together, we can make sure our logistical systems have a minimal impact on the environment.



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